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To Learn, Play, and Grow in the Game of Tennis in Glendora & Beyond

This essential free guide provides tennis players with key resources to keep their game strong all year. Dive into our handpicked courts, training tips, and community connections – crafted for Glendora’s (and surrounding areas) tennis enthusiasts, young and old. Why'd I create this guide? Because I had to learn the hard way. I hope it's helpful for you. If so, please share it. Enjoy!

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Practice Notes: The Power of 1% Daily Growth

Embrace the philosophy of 1% daily growth in your tennis journey. It's about the commitment to making small, incremental improvements each day. Just imagine—enhancing your serve, refining your backhand, or improving your footwork by just 1% daily. These tiny advancements compound over time, and while the progress each day may seem modest, the cumulative effect is anything but. By the end of a year, this approach doesn't just add up; it multiplies, potentially leading to a 37-fold improvement in your game. This section of our Quick Guide is dedicated to helping you achieve consistent, sustainable growth. Whether it’s through practice routines, skill drills, or mental strategies, focus on that 1% improvement every time you hit the court. Let's turn those marginal gains into game-changing results.

Net Gains, On and Off the Court.

Where to Play (Public & Private)

6 Game-Changing Tips


Team up with your teammates or friends. Aim for regular practice sessions—three+ times a week.


Keep yourself accountable with a printable practice chart you stick on your door or a streaks app.


Set up a group text quickly pull together friends to play. Better, yet, set a schedule on repeat with them.


Don’t just play; have a plan. Work on specific skills in addition to challenging each other in matches.


Supplement court time with strength, speed, and agility workouts. Your overall health matters.


Better fuel means better play. Energize your game w/ the right foods and you'll feel the difference.

Master the Basics, Ace the Game.


Text, call, or email for info on private lessons and packages.

Coach Chris Diamond

GHS Varsity Coach

📱 (626) 893-8081 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Jerry Stabell

GHS JV Coach

📱 (626) 367-0353 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Rudi G.

San Gabriel Volley

📱 (626) 340-8694 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Todd Schuyler

USPTA Certified

📱 626-483-1745 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Drew Cota


📱 626-274-5124 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Victoria Galvan

San Gabriel Volley T.

📱 909-438-6007 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Amber Lara


📱 949-355-5572 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Ron Martinez


📱 909-455-5875 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Alan Olivas


📱 626-393-6611 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Miruna Tudor


📱 213-492-9966 📧 Email the Coach

Coach John Will


📱 626-253-6587 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Dan Sopena


📱 818-373-9074 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Matt Diamond


📱 951-741-5511 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Angelino Mollo

Request to be listed

📱 (909) 758-3899 📧 Email the Coach

Coach Open Spot

Request to be listed

📱 (XXX) XXX-XXXX 📧 Email the Coach

If you're a local coach and would like to be listed on our site, email

Tennis Camps & Clinics

Glendora Tennis Camp

Hosted by GHS Coaches

GHS tennis prep camp open to incoming 8th through 12 graders.

Glendora Tennis Demo Day

Hosted by GTC

Free demo day for all ages and all levels. No equipment needed.

Summer Tennis Camp

Hosted by CoachvGabby & Coach Izzy

June 17th-July 27th camp - Select from one or two week packages.


Hosted by Coach Victoria

Fast-paced and fun tennis with music and Coach Victoria in Claremont.

CMS Winter Tennis Camp

Hosted by the Settles

Great local camp hosted at the Biszantz Family Tennis Center.

CMS College Prospect Camp

Hosted by the Settles

Visit the site to learn more about the CMS Tennis Prospect Camp.

Nike Tennis Camp at CMS

Hosted by the Settles

Summer camp dates will be posted on Nike's registration site.

If you would like your camp or clinic to be listed on our site, email

Improve Bit by Bit, Hit by Hit.

Tournament Play


Register for Local Tournaments

Start by creating a parent account, then add your child in the Family section.

UTR Sports

Join a Local League

Register at Universal Tennis Rating to find leagues & competitive matches.

Tip: Once you've created a parent and child account in USTA, you can go to to find local tennis tournaments. Be sure to check the details on the event day and timing. Level 7 may split boys and girls over two days whereas other levels may have both on the same day. Most tournament Directors are quite responsive and you can email or message them with questions.

Local Tennis Groups

Glendora Tennis Association (GTA)

Local Adult Association

The GTA is a ladder-style, member tennis organization that serves the entire San Gabriel Valley community.

Other Groups?

Know of Others?

As I build out this new tennis resource site, please email me directly to have your group listed on our website.

If you would like your group to be listed on our site, email

Mental Game, Major Gain.

Other Resources

Play Your Court

Website/Mobile App

Find partners and take lessons.

Tennis Fitness

Online Tennis Training

Online Tennis Fitness Training.

Budget-Friendly Coaching Tips

Parent/Child Coaching Sessions Ask your local coach if they're open to doing a joint coaching session. It's what I did to help my son learn and grow. As your child learns, so can you—making for invaluable bonding and learning together. Tip! Take notes and work on skill development with your kid between coached lessons. Remember to have fun in the process or you kid and you will not want to stick with it!

The 30-Day Challenge Create your own challenge to get on a good practice and match streak. We made our own checklist to go on the door and checked it off daily prior to my son's Freshman year. We included a small workout and play time for each day. We continued on for 90 days and he made the team his first year. Since then, we've now created a 60 SMASH challenge. I'll share that soon.

Ace Your Potential.

Health & Fitness

Watch out for tennis elbow—it's a common but serious injury. It took me out for nearly 6 months when I first started playing with my son.

Practice Aids that Are Worth It!

Our Fave Local Shops

Kinetic Racquet Sports

Your G-town shop for tennis gear. Although new, they have 2+ decades of experience. Visit for tennis gear and professional stringing. Tell them Glendora Tennis Club sent you.

Apex Racquet Werks

Your one-stop shop for tennis gear and professional racquet services. Julian's expertise is unmatched. He's strung for the best in the world. Tell Julian that Glendora Tennis Club sent you.

If you would like your shop to be listed on our site, email

Every Day, Elevate Your Game.

Your Guide, Crafted by Zack Swire

As a dad and an avid supporter of tennis in our local schools and community, I've experienced firsthand the challenges and joys of navigating the world of tennis. But my love for tennis – and my belief in its value for players of all ages – runs deep. I've created this guide to share the insights I've gained, aiming to make it simpler for everyone in our area to connect with the sport. And this is just the beginning. I'm working hard to develop Glendora Tennis Club into a full-fledged resource – one that champions our sport and provides valuable support to our school athletes and the entire tennis community. Whether you’re just starting or seeking to refine your game, stay tuned. We’re building something special here, a place where our shared passion for tennis is celebrated and cultivated every day.

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